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Nebulizer Excel Child and Adult Mask 

A nebulizer is a piece of medical equipment that a human with asthma or another respiratory condition can use to administer medication directly and speedy to the lungs. A nebulizer turns liquid medicine into a very good mist that a person can inhale through a face mask or mouthpiece.


  • Durable, Long life Compressor
  • Efficient Delivery System
  • Medication Capacity - 10ml
  • Sound Level <55dB
  • Nebulization Rate <0.3ml/min

Dr Diaz Nebulizer Excel With Child and Adult Mask (HD1063)

₹2,499.00 Regular Price
₹1,499.00Sale Price
Color: White
    • Very powerful & reliable piston type compressor nebulizer especially for professional & intensive use.
    • A powerful compressor and matched nebulizer kit ensure medication is atomized into fine particles faster, reaching respiratory tracts more effectively and resulting in better medication compliance.
    • Equipped with a safety fuse for safety. Anti-shock case with handle for easy carrying. Wide Range of accessories available. Light and compact. Easy to carry.
    • High-Quality Medical Grade Piston Compressor Nebulizer: Effective For Cough, Wheezing, Asthma, Copd, Bronchitis, And Other Conditions Requiring Nebulization.
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